Child Marriage

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A Look Into The Violent Reality Of Child Marriages In Africa This Decade

A UNICEF report claims that child marriages are on…

May 8th
Tragedy As 20-Year-Old South Sudanese Girl Killed For Refusing To Marry

Child marriages should have no space in this age.

Apr 30th
South Sudan Deputy Governor Bids Against Businessman for 17 Year Old Bride

A Deputy Governor and an influential Business man …

Nov 13th
Mozambican Man Forced To Wed Dead Wife

A young man in Mozambique has shockingly discovere…

Jun 21st
The Harsh Realities Facing Liberia

Rape is becoming a culture in Liberia. If swift ac…

Nov 27th
One of The Chibok Girls Rescued, Nigeria Confirms

Two years on, one of the Chibok girls and her four…

May 19th
A Power-Wielding Female Chief Who’s Terminated 850 Child Marriages in Malawi

Meet the female chief in Malawi who fights tooth a…

Apr 8th