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The Five(5) key shocking facts you need to know on rights of children and health in Africa.

Across Africa, governments, NGOs, international or…

Jul 28th
Nigerian Hospital Successfully Separates Conjoined Twins

The hospital did not charge the parents of the twi…

Jan 8th
A Father of Conjoined Twins Has To Choose One

This is one decision no father would want to take.

Aug 4th
Only 3 African Countries Expected to Meet Global Breastfeeding Goal

Despite progress made in breastfeeding, Guinea-Bis…

Jul 22nd
Young South African Mother Accuses Hospital of Medical Negligence in Baby's Death

"They must tell me the truth about what happened t…

Mar 26th
Six Jailed in Tanzania for Chopping Off Hand of Albino Boy

A Tanzanian court has sentenced six men to 20 year…

Sep 5th
New Foot Measurement System Aiding Neonatal Care in Uganda

A safe and healthy start of life is key to human c…

Apr 8th
Kenya: First Lady’s Project Gets $1.1 Million Boost Ahead of Race

With the funds already raised in kind and cash, th…

Feb 18th
Kenya: First Lady’s Firm Support For Maternal, Child Health

“Our focus, must be to pull together innovative id…

Jan 26th