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Chad, Botswana, Egypt Named the Best Travel Destinations

Chad, Botswana and Egypt are the only African dest…

Dec 30th
Somali Peace Activist Shot Dead in Mogadishu

Local officers say a 'stray bullet' killed Almaas …

Nov 21st
BREAKING: 16-Month Social Media Ban in Chad To Be Lifted

People use social media to communicate, organise, …

Jul 13th
One-Year-Old Social Media Blackout Continues in Chad Despite Appeal

Social media services like Facebook, Twitter and W…

Mar 29th
The Social Media Ban In Chad That Has Lasted For A Year Now

The social media ban, a human rights infringement,…

Mar 28th
Tragedy as UN Peacekeepers from Chad Killed in Mali

An attack on peacekeepers is an attack on peace; w…

Jan 21st
African Countries with the Highest Hunger Rate in 2018

Latest report ranks Africa as the hungriest contin…

Dec 20th
Chad Borrows $45m from France to Pay Salaries

How low should African countries go?

Dec 10th
Chad Produces 100,000 Barrels of Oil per Day, Yet it is Borrowing From France To Pay Civil Servants

France has granted Chad a 40 million euro loan to …

Dec 9th
Africa Unite! All is not Well in Chad

Chad remains one of the poorest and 'unpopular' co…

Oct 4th