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How Could Brexit's Deadline Affect Africa?

Things will be changed a lot.

Sep 29th
Chagos Islands: Britain Maintains Direct Colonialism in Africa

Britain defiles UN and International Court of Just…

Nov 27th
Three British Citizens Arrested for Smuggling Heroin worth $1.3m in Mauritius

The suspects excreted 3.3 kg of heroin under polic…

Nov 27th
The British only Abolished ‘Slave Trade’ not ‘Slavery’

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Aug 5th
Controversial British Ambassador Caught Up In Zimbabwe Corruption Storm

Was Catriona Laing getting too cosy with Zimbabwe …

Aug 5th
In a Racist Move, UK Refuses to Pay Up African World War II Soldiers

Africans fought World War I and were rewarded with…

Jun 28th
Is The Kenyan National Anthem A Copyrighted Property of a British Company?

There were cries that the Kenyan national anthem m…

Feb 12th
Why Britain Is Fighting Hard To Keep Its Last African Colony, the Chagos Islands

Britain and Mauritius are fighting over the sovere…

Sep 25th
Theresa May's Mission To Africa: A Confirmation of Neo-Colonialism?

According to the British Prime minister's Office, …

Aug 27th
A Sellout? – Into Mugabe’s Secret Love for All Things British

Even Mugabe himself publicly declared his “British…

Dec 23rd