Black Lives

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Time For Young Blacks To Abandon The American Dream For The African Dream

After events such as Michael Brown's shooting and …

Jun 30th
Racism is Alive: Restaurant Employee Prints ‘Black Bitches’ on Receipt for African Women

Referring to the African-American customers, a Mis…

Jun 14th
Plot By South African Apartheid Paramilitary Unit to Infect Black People with AIDS Exposed

An ex-member of a paramilitary unit from South Afr…

Jan 28th
Black Men Must Fight For Black Women!

In America as in Africa, black men are reluctant t…

Dec 13th
19 Black Women Win Judiciary Seats in Houston, Texas

#Houston19: All 19 of the Houston County African A…

Nov 8th
Reliving The Principles And Beliefs Of Malcolm X

Malcolm X is widely regarded as the second most in…

Nov 16th
Trevor Noah: Triumph Of "The Illegal"

“Whereas most children were proof their parents’ l…

Oct 21st
"The Most Potent Weapon in the Hands of the Oppressor is the Mind of the Oppressed" – Steve Biko

As we commemorate Steve Biko's 40th anniversary, i…

Sep 12th