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Can Belgium Ever Repay DR Congo for the Atrocities of King Leopold II?

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Nov 25th
Racist Party in Colonial Museum in Belgium Sparks Outrage

Racism and colonial chic parties in Belgium.

Aug 8th
Belgium Apologizes for Abducting Thousands of Mixed-Raced Children from DR Congo During Colonial Era

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Apr 5th
UN Says Belgium Should Apologize and Pay Reparations For Dark Colonial Past and Racism

Belgium has a dark colonial past, and will it ever…

Feb 21st
Why is Former Ivory Coast President, Laurent Gbagbo in Belgium?

Did Belgium have a hand in Gbagbo’s release?

Feb 6th
Belgium's Black Hand Fetish: How Antwerp Hand-Shaped Chocolates Mock Chopped African Hands

Belgian hand-shaped chocolates were made to celebr…

Jan 26th
Father of Manchester City Star, Vincent Kompany, Becomes First Black Mayor in Belgium

Pierre Kompany, father of Vincent Kompany was a Re…

Oct 15th
Burundi Openly Accuses Belgium of Assassinating Prince Louis Rwagasore

Burundi Government says Belgium has to explain its…

Oct 15th