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This is How France Lied About Its Nuclear Tests in Algeria – The Unending Atomic Legacy

France maintained its strategic autonomy over Alge…

Oct 8th
Algeria Swear In New President

Abdelmadjid Tebboune, the self-acclaimed reformer,…

Dec 19th
How An Unbeaten Algeria Football Team Got Crowned As The AFCON 2019 Champions

Senegal’s wait for first-ever AFCON trophy continu…

Jul 19th
Senegal and Algeria March To The AFCON 2019 Final In Thrilling Encounters

It's Senegal vs Algeria in the AFCON 2019 Final!

Jul 14th
Algeria's Parliament President Resigns After Prolonged Demands By Protesters

Algeria is now at a crossroads.

Jul 2nd
Algerian Army Chief Issues Chilling Warning To Protesters

In a chilling warning Algeria's chief of staff has…

Jun 19th
Malaria Was Discovered in Algeria, But Now the Country is Malaria-free

Algeria is now malaria-free and this is how the co…

Jun 3rd
Algeria Appoints Abdelkader Bensalah as Interim President

Finally, Abdelaziz Bouteflika resigns and Algeria …

Apr 9th
Bouteflika Announces He Will Continue Ruling Even After His Term Ends

Bouteflika has declared that he will continue ruli…

Mar 19th
Breaking News: Algeria's Bouteflika Will Not Be Seeking Fifth Term

Bouteflika announces he will not be seeking a fift…

Mar 11th