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Malawi Adopts Death Penalty Law for Killers of People with Albinism, Opposition Disapproves

The callous murder of Albinos for diabolical purpo…

Mar 5th
U.N. Condemns the Ritual Killings of Albinos in Malawi

When will the killings of albinos for money ritual…

Jan 6th
Uganda Hosts First Beauty Contest for People with Albinism

Africa is breaking the stereotypes on people with …

Nov 11th
Six Jailed in Tanzania for Chopping Off Hand of Albino Boy

A Tanzanian court has sentenced six men to 20 year…

Sep 5th
Endangered: People with Albinism in Malawi Are Constantly at Risk

Albinos in Malawi are on the verge of “extinction”…

Jun 8th