Al Shabaab

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Reasons Why Some Women in Somalia Support Al-Shabaab and Terrorism

There is more than meets the eye.

Jun 29th
No Retreat, No Surrender: Kenya Takes the War to Al-Shabaab

Kenya military activates counter-attack mode

Jun 25th
Be Vigilant, Somalia's Al-Shabaab Have Changed Tactics, UN Warns

What lies ahead after the latest UN reports claim …

May 18th
Somalian Based Terrorist Group, al-Shabaab, Claim Responsibility for Nairobi Attack
Jan 15th
Six Terror Suspects Arrested in Kenya

The Kenyan police have arrested six men suspected …

Jun 13th
Al-Shabab Kills Dozens in Somalia

61 people have been killed in a recent north-east …

Jun 9th
Are Terrorists Born, Or Made?

Does "All terrorists are Muslims" mean "All Muslim…

May 14th
Tembea Kenya: Promoting Tourism Among Locals

Since its establishment three years ago, Tembea Ke…

Jan 11th