African Identity

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African languages are under attack. They were bani…

Dec 15th
Why Blacks And Africans Want To Become White

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Jun 29th
Cheikh Anta Diop: The Man Behind The African Origin of Civilization

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Jul 24th
Kwanzaa Holiday - The Celebration of African Heritage and Identity- Begins

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Dec 26th
"X is missing." What is your First Response?

femicide ˈfɛmɪsʌɪd/ noun the killing of a woman or…

Oct 17th
Meet 8 Year Old Michelle Nkamankeng, the Youngest Author in Africa

Michelle Nkamankeng of South Africa has made her n…

Jul 31st
The Linguistic Schizophrenia in Morocco

Moroccans are a schizophrenic nation, and they see…

Jul 25th
Morocco: The Everlasting Belief in Saints and Spirits

While spirits play an important role in the Morocc…

Jan 17th
Pride & Prejudice: The African Attitude

Why are the relationships between Africans and Afr…

Aug 18th