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The President Weah FEJAL Gift: Robbing Millions from Paul to give him tasteless Crumbs in Return

Keep deluding yourself that you are smart. We enco…

Apr 23rd
Africa Union: An Old Boys Club of Oppressive Elitists Ignorant of the People's Voices

In his address to the OAU general assembly, Afewer…

Apr 17th
Botswana, the Least Corrupt Country in Africa - 2017

Things are not looking good but hope is alive!

Feb 24th
Deepening Democracy or Butchering Democracy: a Call for Sanity in the Liberian Media

A vibrant media can ensure a vibrant leadership as…

Sep 24th
Mugabe Donates 300 Cows to African Union

To help stop depending on aid funding, Zimbabwe's …

Jul 3rd
Why African Youth Need to Celebrate Africa Day

Today marks 54 years since the first ever Africa D…

May 25th
Corporate Thieves of Africa's Wealth and Resources

Africa gives to the West more than what it receive…

Feb 10th
Boost AMISOM Mandate At UN, President Kenyatta Urges AU

“The objective was to support the Federal Governme…

Feb 1st