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Peaceful Assembly and Protest denote a maturing democracy; an indicator for good governance.

This article entails a message of patriotic suppor…

Sep 23rd
Official Statement of the (MOSODA) on the Illegal Closure of the Front Page Africa Newspaper

The Liberian people do not need to be told by Fron…

Apr 10th
Movement of Social Democratic Alternative(MOSODA) Official Press Statement

MOSODA is aware that the reactionary swindlers nam…

Apr 1st
Weah Shows America Center Finger—Makes France the New Colonial Master of Liberia

The nation is dogged in another quagmire. Change i…

Feb 26th
Unearthing the Flaw in the Mandate of President Weah’s Nine-Member Committee

Some of the funds generated from the government’s …

Feb 20th
Liberia: The Rigged Election That Is Talked About Mutedly

The elements of reaction have not come to terms wi…

Jan 23rd