Xiaochen Su, Ph.D.

Xiaochen Su, Ph.D.

Xiaochen Su is a Chinese-American hailing from San Diego, CA. He holds a dual Bachelor's degree in Economics and Electrical Engineering from Yale University, a Master's degree in International Political Economy from the London School of Economics, and a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Information Studies from the University of Tokyo. He resided in Iringa, Tanzania, where he worked with an American NGO that support local farmers through the provision of microfinance and high-quality agricultural inputs. As an experienced backpacker, he has used the convenience of his jobs and studies to travel to more than 90 countries, with short-term residences in places like South Korea and Australia, and destinations as varied as Laos, Romania, and Rwanda. He is currently a business risk consultant in Tokyo, Japan, as well as the Founder and Managing Director of the Study Abroad Research Institute, a Tokyo-based non-profit organization promoting international education.

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