Takudzwa Hillary Chiwanza

Takudzwa Hillary Chiwanza

A young man who has Africa at heart anytime, anywhere. Very passionate with intellectualism. Sentimental about arts, culture, politics, entertainment and series. Writing is a passion. Avid reader. Originator at The Zimbabwe Sphere

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May 15th
Ex-President Blaise Compaore Sentenced to Life Imprisonment in Historic Trial

Compaoré and Kafando have been tried in absentia.

Apr 6th
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Jan 11th
2021 Lesson: Africans Must Be Patriotic, Original, and United in Pan-Africanism

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Jan 3rd
How the CIA Destabilized African Independence and Sovereignty

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Dec 31st
Africa’s Sovereignty Chained by China, Debt Exceeds $140 Billion Amid Asset Seizure Fears

It is an ugly but inevitable process.

Dec 31st
“Return Rhodes’ Remains to Britain!” – As Zimbabwe Demands Ancestral Remains in Europe

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Dec 28th