Wang Ntui Belle

Wang Ntui Belle

Ntui “Pascal Pierre” Belle Wang is a creative writer, record producer and artiste; he is a Youth Activist and passionate about Audio-visual media Design and Production. His goal is to tell every African success story and bring hope to the African youths. He holds a Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Buea and is a self trained Sound Engineer. He has worked in a series of audio-visual media production units, done consulting for Radio Stations on The techniques of generating income towards sustainability as well as developing and producing programs. He has experienced visioning and planning towards developing working systems for projects aimed at empowering young people. He presently works at the Catholic University Institute of Buea at the Communication Service and a fulltime contributor to the African Exponent from Cameroon. He was raised in the legendary sea side town of Limbe in the South West region of Cameroon and from two legendary tribes; the Bakossis and the Bayangis. Ntui speaks English, French, Pidgin English, Ejagham, Kosse and Jamaiican creole. He is funnily called “The guy with 10,001 ideas that will work”

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