Harriet Kariuki

Harriet Kariuki is a young analyst from Kenya with an interest in Chinese investments into Africa. Her specialty is in the African startup space where she has worked with several startups in different capacities i.e creating disruptive sales, business development, and social media strategies. Over the past years, she has specifically focused on innovation in Africa's informal economy, working across diverse industries, from financial services to government policies to professional childcare services for corporates. As a Research Analyst at Botho Emerging Markets Group, dedicated to Africa-focused investment advisory and strategy consulting, Harriet is in-charge of identifying African opportunities and facilitating local and/or foreign investment. In this capacity she is also working with Chinese investors that are interested in the region. In her free time, Harriet writes analytical pieces on Africa's leapfrogging ability with the growing investment (such as China's Belt and Road Initiative) as well as tech-startups in the region. Harriet holds a Master Degree in Economics from Peking University and B.A. in Political Science and East Asian Studies from Harvard University. She has lived in several East Asian countries and speaks Korean, Japanese and Mandarin.

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