Ashford Watkins

Ashford Watkins

Ashford Watkins works as a Project Coordinator with The United States Department of Agriculture and a graduate of the Center for Energy Petroleum, Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP) University of Dundee with a MBA degree in International Oil and Gas Management. Ashford Previously worked with the National Oil Company of Liberia as a Petroleum Research Analyst. In performing his duties as a Research Analyst, Ashford Provided research to the VP Public Affairs, Senior Management, The President/CEO and the Board on community engagement issues as parts of the of the communications strategy plan. As part of his duties, Ashford supported the Vice President for public Affairs in research data for the formulation of NOCAL communications strategy to public, press/media aspects. Ashford is a professional with many years of of experience and expertise in the petroleum and electricity industries. Ashford is a member of the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators, Society of Petroleum Engineers, International Energy Institute, The Scottish Oil Club, The ECOWAS Energy Forum and many other energy industry online groups and forums. Ashford a team Player, Self motivated, self-managed and he is skilled at building relationships and impacting society.

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