• Are you an entrepreneur who needs skills to turn your business idea into a full-fledged startup?

    Zambia’s BongoHive will next week launch its Discover program, a three week full-time bootcamp, which will provide entrepreneurs with basic skills needed by an upcoming businessperson.  

    Although applications for the first Discover Program closed at the beginning of the month, the Zambian tech innovation hub, has launched another application to allow willing participants take part in the second edition. The next cohort will run in March 2016 with the details to be finalized in February.

    “Discover is open to anyone with any idea as long as the idea can be turned into a scalable business. There is no maximum or minimum number of founders per team however we prefer small teams over individuals as most successful startups have a few founders,” BongoHive said.

    The aim of the initiative is to help entrepreneurs to refine and prototype their idea while getting a set of business fundamentals essential to a new enterprise.  

    The program is designed such that it works on the principle of evidence-based entrepreneurship. Among the skills that the interested candidate will acquire include:

    • Apply the fundamentals of UX (User Experience) to your idea

    • Evolve your idea through interacting with your users

    • Create a compelling unique value proposition

    • Generate financial forecasts and keep track of budget

    • Create and test a prototype of your product/service

    • Learn how to pitch your idea to investors, customers and partners

    “This position is open to men and women alike and we are strongly encouraging women to apply.  Women are 49.59 per cent of the world’s population so women should launch 49.59 per cent of the startups.”

    BongoHive is unveiling another program dubbed Launch. This is also a three-month initiative, strategically focusing on startups that have launched and are looking to gain traction and scale.

    “Although most startups in this program have been operating for less than a year, it’s not a firm requirement. We care more about the maturity of the startup and the market traction gained rather than the amount of time in operation,” BongoHive noted.