• Successful women across the world possess great traits that keep them at the helm of their different leadership positions.

    These traits are common but once adopted and exploited at a higher level, they nudge individuals to be more resilient in their effort to achieve success in their endeavors.

    The following traits form part of the character of a woman leader. If you don’t already have them, learn to adopt them.

    Know what to say when, where and how

    Communication is a key element when it comes to leadership. Once information is relayed, it cannot be retrieved and one can only live with the consequences. There is a reason why it is said “think before you speak”.

    The what, who, when, where, why and how of a message should be evaluated well in order to communicate effectively with the target audience.

    Generally, these elements will determine the reception of the message passed across and how people will react to it. Different audiences require different approaches. Learn which communication approach works for what audience.

    “Crucial Conversation”, a book by Kerry Patterson gives a clear indication of how to use communication to attain that promotion, appeal to a target audience or sell that business idea or a marketing strategy to the Board. In summary, the book identifies ‘tools for talking about sensitive (crucial) topics’.

    Source for feedback from open friends and colleagues

    Great leaders often source for feedback. The importance of feedback is to hail an individual's positive attributes and point out areas that need improvement.

    Leaders who shy away from asking for feedback are less likely to grow. As a woman leader, one needs to source for feedback from people who will not sugarcoat anything.

    Sometimes feedback can be sourced while at times it can be read from the body language and facial expression of the people one is in communication with. Whichever way, appreciate and learn from it.

    “The upside of painful knowledge is so much greater than the downside of blissful ignorance,” reads part of Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In. Sheryl highlights the plight of women leaders in organizations and how to push up the career (leadership) ladder.

    Empower other people to their fullest potential

    A good leader is one who empowers other people to exploit their potential to the fullest. As a woman leader, seek to build other people who are above or below your authority.

    When you lead an empowered lot, achieving individual and collective goals becomes easily attainable.

    Empowerment can also come in form of helping the less fortunate in the community. “The hand that giveth, receiveth,” this is commonly known.

    The power of giving cannot be underestimated as the reciprocal is immense.

    Cultivate the power of self-belief and shun Self-doubt

    Books, films, documentaries and Ted talks have been produced to encourage people to think positively about themselves. All these great publications are geared towards empowering oneself to rise above their own limitations and pursue their goals with boldness.

    Women tend to dwell in self-pity and self-negative judgement which more often than not kill the drive to push forward.

    To become a great influence, a woman leader should embrace a positive attitude towards self.

    One's beliefs not only shapes an individual’s behavior but also influences those around them, affects one’s health as well as helps a person’s ability to cope with distress.

    These are just but a few traits that can influence women leaders to better themselves in the different leadership capacities.