• Located on the Atlantic coast of South Western Africa, Angola is a country rich with potential and home to one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Capable of offering living standards that can rival any city in the world, its capital, Luanda has become a hub for many expatriates. But what exactly makes the country such an attractive proposition?

    Characterized by distinct dry and rainy seasons, Angola enjoys a tropical climate with a pleasant average temperature of about 22-23 degrees Celsius. The country is strewn with beautiful and expansive beaches like Mussulo and Benguela, which are both very popular with tourists and renowned for their amenities.

    A View from of the popular Mussulo Beach...



    With a plethora of national parks on offer, Angola is capable of satisfying even the most avid of nature enthusiasts.

    Cheerful wildlife in the Kissama National Park...



    As the second largest exporter of oil in Africa, and richly endowed with diamonds, Angola’s recruitment of foreign workers is expectedly predominant in these industries. Most expats can therefore expect very generous compensation packages. For those looking to do business in Angola, there are many investment incentives in place, including tax breaks and profit repatriation.


    Angola’s rich oil industry...


    Though Angola’s official language is Portuguese, there are plenty of international schools that teach in English. Competition for admittance is of course fierce, and tuition can be pricey, therefore most expats are advised to secure a place before moving. Public healthcare is available in Angola, but high demand from locals means that most expatriates secure medical insurance from their home countries.


    Perhaps the biggest drawback for most expatriates is the high cost of living in Luanda. The city has been ranked as the world’s most expensive place for expatriates for two years running. Nonetheless, it still attracts many foreign workers, so clearly for some, the benefits more than compensate for this cost.

    Interesting facts about Angola

    1. The country is one of China’s major oil suppliers.

    2. Angola’s national flag was in part inspired by the Soviet Union’s.

    3. As recently as 2001, Angola was still embroiled in civil war.

    4. Angola’s name originated from the Kimbundu word “ngola”, which is a title for kings.

    5. The country is home to the giant sable antelope, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

    6. And apparently, Angola’s civil war has resulted in a shortage of men.


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