• The idea of beauty in the modern world is continually being redefined by African models who bring to the table a never before seen balance of mind-blowing aesthetics and unbelievable intelligence. Women all over the world can only watch on in envy as these bombshells start a subtle revolution. 

    The Reigning Miss World is South Africa's Rolene Strauss, who was crowned Miss World on December 14th 2014 in London. The contest is back and is being held in Sanya, China. The African Exponent team gives you some of the top models representing Africa. Who are you rooting for? For more information about their profiles, contest updates and chance to vote, visit www.missworld.com.

    Nigeria – Unoaku ANYADIKE

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    Unoaku hails from Ilé-Ifẹ̀, an ancient city in the South West of Nigeria. Born and raised there, Unoaku is passionate about caring for children and is in her final year studying Psychology at the University of Ibadan, with the ambition of a career as a child developmental psychologist. She has also been an active member of the Ace5 Initiative for the past 3 years, a charity working with children from impoverished homes. In her spare time Unoaku likes to cook, to play tennis and to listen to music, citing hip hop and RnB as her favourite genres. Her favourite food dish is fried rice with chicken and plantain.


    Ethiopia – Kisanet TEKLEHAIMANOT

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    Kisanet was born and raised in Adigrat, a town in the Tigray Region of Northern Ethiopia. A Computer Science graduate, Kisanet loves technology, but she is even more interested in the fashion world and hopes to one day become a renowned fashion designer. Having worked closely with several Ethiopian Designers, she thinks she has what it takes to be successful. In her spare time, Kisanet is an avid reader, she likes to listen to a lot of blues and classical music, and she is a big fan of traditional Ethiopian culture, from its cuisine (especially Shiro) to its music and dancing.

    South Africa – Liesl LAURIE

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    Liesl was born and raised in Eldorado Park, Johannesburg. A  General Accounting & Human Resource Management graduate, she has aspirations of a career as a radio host, and has already began working towards that goal. However, she is currently working full time as Miss South Africa and continuing her modelling work. In her spare time she likes to bake, to dance and to play board games with her family and friends. When it comes to food, she adores her mother’s Mutlan curry with rice, sweet potato and sweet corn, and her favourite book is Zelda la Grange’s Good Morning Mr Mandela.

    Zimbabwe – Annie-Grace Farayi MUTAMBU

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    Annie-Grace was born and raised in the capital city of Harare, where she is currently a student. Describing herself as ‘a determined young lady’, she has ambitions of a career as a chartered accountant, hoping to complete her ACCA course in the near future, paving the way for her future success. Aside from accounting, Annie-Grace is an active individual, citing tennis, basketball and swimming as her favourite sports, with singing, poetry and dance artistic pursuits of hers. Musically, Annie-Grace likes to listen to RnB and dancehall, and her favourite food is pizza.

    Zambia – Michelo MALAMBO

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    Michelo is the founder of ‘Michie & Friends Foundation for Children’, a non-profit organisation providing assistance to vulnerable children in the community of Lusaka, where she was born. Her aspirations are to continue to grow her foundation to help more people, and also to operate a successful talent company, to bring success to her nation. In her spare time, Michelo’s interests span across arts, culture, and sports, from cooking to playing soccer, and she is currently teaching herself to play the guitar. Her favourite book is Maya Angelou’s autobiography, and her music tastes cover hip hop, Afro jazz, RnB, and pop.

    Uganda – Zahara NAKIYAGA

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    Zahara is a student, hailing from Wakiso district, north of Kampala. Describing herself as ‘Honest, caring and a loving person’, Zahara is a Development Studies graduate who cares deeply about her country’s future. She also aspires to lead her people as an influential development consultant, creating strategies to improve her community and nation at large. In her spare time Zahara loves to travel and meet new people, she enjoys dancing, and her favourite sport is football. Her favourite book is Peter Abraham’s Mine Boy, and she prefers listening to jazz and zouk music.

    Tanzania – Lilian KAMAZIMA

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    Lilian describes herself as “very patient and hardworking... someone who likes a challenge.” A college student, Lilian has aspirations of a life in service to her nation. She is currently studying International Relations before what she hopes to be a career in diplomacy. Her goal is to promote and build her nation’s international relations. She also enjoys volunteering at local orphanages, teaching and providing care. In her spare time Lilian likes to sing, to dance and to cook. She enjoys traditional Tanzanian culture and loves spending time with her family. Her favourite books are The Hunger Games trilogy.

    Namibia – Steffi VAN WYK

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    Steffi is a sports fanatic hailing from Windhoek, Namibia’s capital. For most of her life she has played a variety of sports at a competitive level, and is most proud of her 100m hurdles national senior record, which she has held since 2012. A Sports Science & Management graduate, she hopes to further her education to become a qualified biokineticist to help athletes with their rehabilitation. When not on the sports field, Steffi enjoys cooking, photography, spending time at her parent’s ranch, and watching sports, especially the Namibian Rugby team whom her brother plays for!

    Kenya – Charity Njeri MWANGI

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    Charity was born and raised on her family’s farm in Kiambu county, just to the North of Nairobi. A final year Public Health student, she says she wants to be a powerful and influential woman, and an inspiration to many. A professional dancer at 18 and the owner of a travel company at 20, Charity is ambitious and knows how to pursue her dreams, aspiring to greater success in the future. Charity loves adventures, solving puzzles and dancing. An avid reader, she cites Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe and motivational speaker Robert Kiyasaki as her favourite authors. Her favourite dish is rice with marinated chicken.

    Botswana – Seneo Bambino MABANGANO

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    Seneo is an artist from the village of Mmadinare. Currently studying in the capital Gabarone, she is in her first year at the Limkokwing University of Creativity honing her talents. After graduation, she aspires to set up a children’s foundation and art centre, focusing on promoting Botswana art and nurturing home-grown talent. Aside from her love of art, Seneo enjoys playing table tennis and chess, and practicing her photography.  When it comes to music, Seneo prefers to listen to pop and gospel music, and her favourite food is the traditional Setswana cuisine available back home.