• If you cannot handle a book, you surely should be able to go to a museum. If you cannot deal with a museum, you are probably not from this world. How can anyone not like these built up encyclopaedias that you simply walk into and information just rushes to you without much effort? These ten museums are the it of African museums and I dare anyone who is not a fan of museums to try them.

    Iziko Museum


    Image credit: iziko.org

    Located in the breathtaking city of Cape Town, this is in a way a pioneer with regards to South Africa’s museums. It was established in 1825, way before any other South African museum came to be. It houses zoology, palaeontology and archaeology collections. This in short means it’s an awesome place to be.

    The Zinsou Foundation Museum of Contemporary African Art


    Africa’s First Contemporary Art Museum. Image Credit: Whither the Book

    If you are a fan of African contemporary art, what are you still doing reading this article? Go to Benin’s Ouidah where Africa’s own Contemporary Art Museum is pushing boundaries. Ouidah is only 25 miles from Benin’s capital, Cotonou and it is a former slave trade hub. The irony is real. Once a hub of oppression and exploitation, and now the home of expressive art that empowers African artists! If Benin sounds a bit far, why don’t you download the Wakpon application that brings the museum right on your smartphone? No more excuses dear world; Zinsou Foundation has made sure of it.

    House of Slaves


    Image Credit: The Globe Holidays

    The House of Slaves was the last bit of home that slaves would see as they left Africa. It is a definite must-visit if one wants to appreciate world history and the major turning point that the slave trade was. The Door of no return brings everything into perspective and the world is accorded a chance to reconnect with a world gone by. Next time you are in Senegal’s Goree Island, be sure to pass by this museum that details everything you wish you knew about the slave trade. At least you will have the chance to return from the Door of no return and that is a victory for civilisation.

    Children’s Civilisation and Creativity Center


    Image credit: Sandro Vannini

    Children think adults know everything and they consequently ask questions about everything. If you are tired of googling answers every minute, take your child to Cairo’s children’s museum and save yourself from a lifetime of searching answers on the internet. They have it all , from dinosaurs, early man, modern animals and Egyptian history. It’s basically a mix of everything you had no idea about until Children’s Civilisation and Creativity Center. Thank God for Egypt, right?

    Mapungubwe Museum


    Image Credit: Outdoor Photo Blog

    Take a journey back, way back. Mapungubwe will take you to the Iron Age, the very beginning of technology. You will find ceramics and bead collections  that will absolutely blow your mind away. Mapungubwe will give you information that will make you sound smart when the Iron Age is the topic of discussion. The Univerisity of Pretoria did us all a big favour and if I were you, I would be making my way to South Africa as soon as I can.

    Village Museum


    Image Credit: Shaun Meltcalfe

    Tanzania deserves a toast for this amazing concept. They have seen through an exceptional vision with this one and every other country can only sit in awe and maybe turn green with envy. The Village Museum is actually a traditional village that gives visitors an idea of different cultures in Tanzania. It is for those people who think Africans have one culture, one language and one everything. Go to the Village museum and educate yourself. Now you cannot use ignorance as a defence; we have informed you. You are welcome.

    The Bulawayo Railway Museum


    Image Credit: Wikipedia

    Behind Bulawayo’s Railway Station is the Bulawayo Railway Museum in the Raylton suburb of the city. If you are a locomotive junkie, you will find the museum quite the place to be. It has steam and diesel electric locomotives. The ordinary man would not get any of this but I know the enthusiasts are making their way to Bulawayo right now.

    Red Castle Museum (Assaraya Alhamra Museum)

    Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 12.13.45 AM.png

    Image Credit: Mahmud Tako

    How many times can you travel 5000 years back in time? I do not know the answer but surely your visit to the Red Castle Museum will be one of those times. The museum has curated all sorts of artefacts that the Italians felt needed to be exhibited somewhere. The museum occupied only a certain portion of the castle then but has since taken over the whole building. Can we safely call this a royal museum? This sounds regal to me but you go see for yourself.

    Blue Penny Museum


    Image credit: emasmo.com

    This is the home of the Blue Penny and the Red Penny stamps. Stamp collectors will definitely want to visit this place and those of us who are not might just want to see what the fuss is all about. Who knows? We might all  pick up a new hobby and join in the stamp collection craze. The Blue Penny Museum is just a pure beauty and it was built specifically for stamp collection. How awesome is that? On behalf of all stamp collectors and the thousands who are about to pick up the hobby: Thank you Mauritius.

    Museum of Modern Art of Algiers


    Image Credit: archnet.org

    The outside of this museum is enough an exhibit on its own. However, unlike the many pretty faces who have ugly hearts, this beauty has an incredible Moorish styled interior. Should I say more? Algeria really has outdone itself with this one and the whole world has to take notes.