• The African startup scene has been growing exponentially over the last few years. I have profiled 10 startups that I believe to be particularly promising. You probably have not have heard about them. These companies have the best-selling products, sustainable business models and clear vision of solving pressing problems in African economies. From resourceful apps, healthcare, to e-commerce, there is room for further growth. You certainly have to keep your eye on these amazing guys!

    Startup Gamsole

    Country: Nigeria

    Founded: 2013

    The gaming industry in Africa is also on  rise. Gamsole, a Nigerian startup aims to make games that are fun to play, plain and simple. Each of its games offers imaginative and irresistibly fun game-play that appeals to gamers of all age groups. The company develops games for Windows Phone mobile and Windows 8 PC. Gamsole’s games have over 9 million downloads around the world.

    Startup: Neolab Technology

    Country: Zimbabwe

    Founded: 2012

    Neolab is an integrated technology company that pushes the frontiers of technological advancement by implementing new and upcoming concepts to solve impending socio-economic challenges faced by organizations in the third world economies. The company designs and deploys IT solutions and products tailor-made to suit all facets of the exponentially growing computer industry and its applications in other industrial sectors of the economy. The team is dedicated to building enduring companies in and around Africa, thus earning themselves the term, "the startup factory".

    Startup: Golden Palm Investments

    Country: Ghana

    Founded: 2008

    Golden Palm Investments (GPI) is an investment holding and advisory company focused on high growth and impact industry sectors in Africa. While generalist in focus, GPI has traditionally focused on Real Estate, Healthcare, Agribusiness and Technology. GPI aims to become a leading investment holding company, delivering superior risk-adjusted returns and supporting growth development and foreign direct investment in Africa. Golden The company believes its long-term approach will provide the greatest returns for its investors, the businesses they invest in, and the people they employ.

    Startup: Madlyn Cazalis

    Country: Cameroon

    Founded: 2012

    With the growing demand for quality products dedicated exclusively to skin playing in tropical areas subject to many attacks (sun, dust, mosquitoes, parasites), Madlyn Cazalis has developed a range of natural care products with the aim to satisfy this specific clientele. Their goal is to combine health, beauty and style. Today the company distributes natural lotions, oils, creams, scrubs, masks and soaps in more than 50 chemist stores, beauty institutes and retail outlets in Central Africa. Other notable achievements include twenty international awards and more than a hundred publications in worldwide platforms such as Forbes, CNBC, The Guardian and CEO Magazine.

    Startup: Agzakhana.com

    Country: Egypt

    Founded: 2008

    Agzakhana.com is the first online drug store and medications database in Egypt and the Middle East. Agzakhana was registered as a joint stock company in 2012. Agzakhana mobile was developed to be the first mobile pharmacy application mobilizing Arabic medical content and offering drug delivery service within a few clicks.

    Startup: Tiwale

    Country: Malawi

    Founded: 2012

    Tiwale empowers women to develop sustainable ventures that transform African communities from being poverty-stricken into flourishing hubs of young entrepreneurs. . The organization uplifts the women of the community through business education, micro-loans and school grants.  

    Startup: Soko

    Country: Kenya

    Founded: 2009

    SOKO is a clothing-manufacturing unit based in Rukinga Wildlife Sanctuary. The company aims to create a sustainable and creative long term solution to Kenya’s economic crisis by promoting community driven, ethical and environmentally aware trade in fashion.

    Startup: VMK

    Country: Republic of Congo

    Founded: 2009

    The VMK Elikia is a versatile smartphone that provides powerful communication features in a compact and elegant design. The user undoubtedly falls under the spell of its wide screen of 2.4 inches. Its modern design is eye-catching and its compact dimensions make it easy to carry around while also providing a pleasant and comfortable grip.

    Startup: Kahenas

    Country: Morocco

    Founded: 2013

    Kahenas is a community and online concept store that brings together the most talented and creative Moroccan artists, artisans, and designers. The company offers a platform for exchange and expression of ideas and questions to promote creativity, provides a space to meet and access talented artisans and delivers unique and authentic products with a promise of quality, originality and abundant love.

    Startup: Mind Trix Media

    Country: South Africa

    Founded: 2009

    Mind Trix Media is a creative design agency whose core business is brand development and web development. The company specializes in developing unique, quality brand identities for upcoming establishments, HTML sites, aesthetically pleasing customised content management systems, E commerce sites and responsive websites for mobile devices using HTML5, CSS3 and Media queries which allow their clients’ websites to be easily accessible on any device it is viewed on by end users.