• Cue the drooling gentlemen; this is the list of ten hot Africans in all respects, otherwise known as the girls of any sane man’s dreams. These are the titans of the ramp, the Cleopatras of the 2010s and the guardians of whatever beauty is left on earth. They juggle the catwalk with numerous other activities that are actually changing the world while the rest of us are sleeping. These are Africa’s top ten models endowed with both unreal beauty and brains. Ladies, this could be you but you are playing!

    Agbani Darego


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    What is a discussion about African models without mentioning Agbani, the very first native Sub-Saharan to win Miss Word? She also placed seventh at the 2001 Miss Universe competition and was crowned Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria in 2001. What can you talk about that Agbani has not done? She has modelled for Avon, Christian Dior, Target among many other world brands of choice. Oh, did I talk about how she attained her Psychology degree at the New York University and how she also studied Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Port Harcourt? Yes, while some among us were sleeping, this beauty queen was doing it all!

    Alek Wek

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    Image Credit: Africa Style Daily

    Does this come as a surprise? Not even! This South Sudanese queen of the ramp is one of the most prolific black models in the world, let alone in Africa. Alek was born in South Sudan in 1977 and fled to the United Kingdom when she was fourteen to escape a civil war in Sudan. She was then discovered in 1995 by a model scout in South London. Wek has been an advisor to the US Committee for Refugees, a missionary for World Vision and an ambassador for Doctors Without Borders. From refugee to queen of modelling, Alek has redefined what is known to be beauty in the modern world. By the way, she is dating one Riccardo Sala, so gents, have respect for a brother and stop fantasising about this queen. She is taken

    Oluchi Onweagba

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    Image Credit: The New Stuff

    Can we take a moment to just breathe in and out slowly for this Nigerian beauty? Hers is a befitting name for an African queen, Oluchi, which means “God’s Work”, translated from the Igbo language. No one doubts that she is indeed the handiwork of some higher power. Her journey started when she won M-Net’s “Face of Africa” in 1998 and it has not stopped since. Oluchi has since graced the covers of Italian Vogue, Untold and Surface. Apart from her success as a model, Onweabga has been at the forefront of encouraging African talent through such NGOs as LEAP Africa and she has her own modelling agency in South Africa, OModel Africa. Oluchi is married to Italian fashion designer Luca Orlandi. Absolutely out of bounds!

    Gelila Bekele


    Image Credit: African Seer

    She is the personification of the best of African aesthetics. Interestingly, that is not all there is to her. This dashing Ethiopian beauty is also a humanitarian and social activist. Gelila is signed with Ford Models and has been central to Levi, L’oreal and Pantene ad campaigns. Bekele is one lady who knows how to make her success work for her and her people. She is involved in several charities including A glimmer of Hope and Charity. Bekele is of course in a relationship with Tyler Perry and they have a son, Aman. If you cannot double as Madea, you can keep dreaming like the rest of us.

    Maria Borges

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    Image Credit: The Zambezian

    Everyone loves a perfectly scripted “rags to riches tale” and who better to give us that than the vivacious Maria Borges? This beauty was raised right in the heart of the Angolan civil war by her siblings. She was then discovered in the Elite Model Look Angola 2010 competition and was signed by Supreme Management, New York. Maria has essentially done it all in the modelling world as she has walked on no less than 39 runways. Maria is taking English classes at City College and hopes to eventually get into an American University. Beauty? Tick. Brains? Double Tick!

    Flaviana Matata

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    Image Credit: African Seer

    If you were looking for the lady who set in motion the shaved head craze, this is your girl. Flaviana went bald and bold for the Miss Universe competition and since then, life has never been the same. Matata has worked with Wilhelmina, a heavy-weight among the world’s top modelling agencies and has walked on several unthinkable ramps everyone else will only watch on Fashion TV. The Tanzanian beauty also has an organisation to her name that seeks to help young girls in Africa get access to education. Yes, I think in this exceptional case, we are allowed to hyperventilate over this queen of everything.

    Rolene Strauss


    Image Credit: detik forum

    Rolene is a medical student at the University of the Free State and also Miss World 2014. I think this is enough, can I stop now? Rolene’s journey is only just starting and her numerous tours as Miss World are fully asserting the beauty with a purpose theme of this international crown. Yes, she is a citizen of South Africa, yes she is an African and yes, she is an absolute beauty. Let us hear no more debate on those undisputable facts.

    Yasmin Warsame


    Image Credit: Tumblr

    Born in Mogadishu, Somalia in 1976, Yasmin most definitely did not have her perfectly lean figure and surely did not know she would be discovered in a subway train in Canada. No one knew this African beauty would be regarded too “haute couture” and would not get gigs because she looked too “fly”. This lady looks like she was born for the runway. Those long legs that elevate her over every other basic earthling make us believe the heavens concocted some conspiracy with Christian Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier to create a perfect supermodel for world brands. Yasmin studied Psychology and Social Sciences at Seneca College and she volunteers for the Somali Youth Coalition in Canada. It seems this queen slays both the classroom and the ramp. Absolute perfection!

    Kinee Diouf


    Image Credit: The Wolof

    When she was a girl, she wanted to “help people and be part of humanitarian missions”. Thank higher powers this queen was told to try her hand at modelling because Vogue Netherlands’ July 2013 issue might have not become as iconic as it became. She became the first black supermodel cover-girl for Vogue Netherlands and that was only a sign of what had come before. She had walked in Kenzo, Givenchy and many more fashion shows and the Vogue cover was just one of the model’s many great exploits. Kinee also started the Kinee Diouf Foundation Children, a non-profit organisation to help alleviate poverty in disadvantaged communities.

    Liya Kebede


    Image Credit: Fame Images

    She has appeared three times on the cover of US Vogue, is an undeniable stunner and is WHO’s Ambassador for Marthenal, Newborn and Child Health.  Kebede has graced numerous magazine covers and has been featured in campaigns for industry heavyweights like Gap, Yves, Revlon, Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton. Liya has her own foundation with the goal of reducing maternal and child mortality. She writes for The Huffington Post about maternal and child health. She was named one of Glamour’s Women of the Year in 2013 because of her philanthropic work. She is married to Kassy Kebede and they have two children together.

    The idea of beauty in the modern world is continually being redefined by African models who bring to the table a never before seen balance of mind-blowing aesthetics and unbelievable intelligence. Women all over the world can only watch on in envy as these bombshells start a subtle revolution. As for men, yes, dreams will continue to be dominated by these amazing women.