• At least two lions have been reported to be missing from the Nairobi National Park according to recent information from the Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS).

    Wildlife rangers have already been dispatched to search for the missing lions which are said to be in Nairobi’s Lang’ata, Kibera areas.

    KWS has urged residents from these areas to be on high alert and report any sighting of the wild cats to the organization through a toll-free number (0800 2215566 or 0800 597000).

    KWS Corporate Communications Officer, Paul Udoto, said that one of the lionesses on the loose had cubbed on the border of Langa’ta Barracks and the park.

    Mr Udoto said: “this morning we were called at 4 am and told that some two lionesses, we believe, including the new mother, had been seen on the road near Lang'ata Hospital. We responded immediately. But we have not been able to track them down,” he explained.

    The Corporate Communications Officer said that another call was made by a member of the public at around 5 am claiming to have met the lions at the bypass near the National Housing Corporation in Lang'ata.

    Speaking to the Star on the phone, Mr Udoto said that the officers were combing through the area on a search and rescue mission.

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    In the past lions have roamed out of the park and strolled along highways bringing morning rush traffic to a standstill as seen above. The lions escaped out of the Nairobi National Park in 2013.

    Mr Udoto told BBC that the lioness left her cubs in the park. He said this recalling how in 2012, they had to place four cubs in an orphanage after their mother escaped and was later killed.

    Responding to a concerned mother on twitter, Mr Udoto advised her to keep her children inside until the lions were recaptured.

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    About 30 lions are estimated to be living in the park.

    Image Credit: Magical Kenya