• Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) has recaptured a lioness and a cub that strayed out of the Nairobi National Park on Friday while two others likely returned to the park before dawn.

    The Kenya Wildlife Services spokesman Paul Gatitu confirmed to the Star on the phone: "As far as we are concerned all is well... We are grateful to the public".

    The captured lioness that was found in Kibera during the rescue operation may have been in search for a place to give birth, Gatitu said adding that it might have crossed over to Kibera/Langa’ata area in search of a ‘safe’ place for her cub.

    The spokesman said lions have been straying out of the park into the army barracks in Lang'ata through culverts.

    This is not the first time lions have been spotted in the area, the service has received reports in the past of lions spotted in the surrounding area. Gatitu said that the lions have been using culverts to escape into the nearby army barracks in Lang’ata.

    “We locked the culvert last week for lions to be captured and brought back to the park,” he said.

    KWS thanked the public for cooperating with the service to capture the lions. No incidents were reported.

    Earlier, residents in Kenya's capital and the surrounding areas near the Nairobi National Park were worried over their security after reports from KWS said there were lions on the loose roaming in Lang’ata.

    KWS Corporate Communications Officer, Paul Udoto confirmed the recapture of the wild cats on his Tweet to a concerned citizen.

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