• A new mobile application is set to change the way Africans across the globe meet and interact.

    Meeting new and interesting Africans near you, whether in Africa or other continents in the world has been made easier and fun, thanks to the new tech, Khedoo.

    Khedoo shows a user the kind of people they wish to connect with and a swift swipe to the right propels the connection. These connections can range from friendships, dating or just networking relationships, depending on the profile set by a user which details individual preferences.

    The Khedoo team said: “We’ll help you meet other Africans everywhere and anywhere in the world. Khedoo is where African relationships start, whether you are in USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, Brazil, etc. Khedoo will connect you to single Africans with a similar culture like you.”

    The application which is owned by the El-Kairos, Inc. was created by Muoka Mills who is also the company’s CEO. According to the 25-year old Mills, the application is set to disrupt the negative notion about online dating held by some Africans.

    “Africans look down on online dating as if anything is wrong with it or maybe because of our culture. Well, we are here to change that perception,” Mills said adding that with the current tight working schedules, many Africans have no time to go out on dates and meet other young people. “Khedoo is truly the solution to all this,” added the enthusiastic technology entrepreneur.

    Mills was inspired to create the application on the realization that so many of his friends were single. Stirred by the urge to connect them, he designed an application that would make it easier for his friends to meet people wherever and whenever they were. 

    How does the application work?

    The location-based app is designed to enable users to connect with others near them until such a time that they find a perfect match according to their likes and dislikes.

    But first, a user has to download the application which is available on the Google Play store, iOS App store as well as on the web.

    Users have the option to sign up using Facebook or their email address and a unique password. Once this is done, the user is prompted to fill up their biodata. The settings on the app allow one to indicate what they are looking for and from what location.

    “When creating your profile, you can adjust your settings to meet people from a particular African country as well as specify the age and gender of individuals you would like to meet or connect with,” the firm told the African Exponent.

    The app which was launched on December 24, 2015, now has over 30,000 users and the company CEO indicates that the numbers are growing.

    Answering the question, what are the future plans for Khedoo? Mills said: “to keep growing and get to a level where we become the number one platform for Africans to connect.”

    Khedoo was coined from the word ‘Kedu’. Kedu is a word from an ethnic group in Nigeria, Igbo, meaning ‘how are you’ or ‘hello’ and is pronounced as Kay-Doo.