• The body of the teacher who shielded non-Muslims during December’s terror attack was on Tuesday January 19, 2016 flown to Mandera for burial.

    The victim who died at the Kenyatta National Hospital while undergoing treatment on Monday morning shielded people during the bus attack that left two people dead in Mandera in December 21, 2015. The bus was travelling from the capital Nairobi to the town of Mandera when the attack occurred.

    The father of five, Salah Farah, died out of gun bullets. Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet termed Farah “a true hero” who deserved the best treatment in terms of burial. “We provided a plane to fly the body home to Mandera for burial. This is because the deceased died while trying to shield innocent Kenyans. He is a true hero,” said Boinnet as quoted by Standard Digital, a local publication.

    Rasheed, brother to the deceased called on Kenyans to learn from his brother’s death and shun from religious divide and live harmoniously.

    Farah was the deputy head teacher of Mandera Township Primary School.

    During the December attack, Al-Shabaab militants ordered the separation of Muslims from Christians but Farah and other passengers resisted.

    The bus had more than 60 passengers. Had Farah and other people like him agreed to the terrorists order many more Kenyans would have lost their lives in the attack.

    The militants, after separating Muslims from Non-Muslims ask them to recite Islamic shahada and those who fail are killed brutally.

    Since the attack on Garissa University College in April, security has been heightened in the country with many terror attacks averted due to the measures put in place.

    The government still has a long way to go to bring the menace under control.

    On Tuesday last week, at least 63 Kenyan soldiers were killed after Shabab militia stormed African Union base in Western Somalia.   

    This came a day after political leaders in Somalia held a meeting to plan for parliamentary and presidential elections.  

    Despite this the Kenyan government, other African and international leaders have condemned the attack and vowed to fight for peace and unity in Somalia and the rest of Africa.  


    Image Credit: Mohamed Abdiwahab/ AFP