• The oil crisis in Nigeria has not only forced people to make long queues while they wait to get a drop of the much-needed resource, but it has also motivated a young man to make an invention.

    Subomi Owo-Odusi a 23-year old man, founder of FueledUp, has created an application that will help fuel users acquire the limited commodity whenever and wherever they are in Lagos State.

    The app which is due to launch at the end of May according to CNN will ease the way in which users get fuel at their own convenience.

    He told the outlet that “a lot of people are keen”, adding that it will “take away a lot of the pain and pressure and stress of people waiting for hours".

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    Although the country is Africa’s largest oil producer, one cannot stop to wonder how then, a commodity it has in abundance is still lacking even for their own domestic use.

    Last year, the country’s fuel shortages almost left the country paralyzed. Even, before it recovered from the situation, the catastrophe has stricken again.

    Even with such vast wealth, Nigeria still imports fuel from other countries because it lacks enough oil refineries, according to an article by BBC. Even though the four refineries run at full capacity, they would only produce a quarter of the country’s needs, John Ashbourne, an economist at the financial research firm Capital Economics, was quoted as saying.

    Thus, the crisis in Nigeria needs to be addressed from the grass root level where the main issue lies.

    For Owo-Odusi, however, the more crisis, the more business for him and he is ready to make money from his new technology.

    The idea came to the young man while working in a fuel distribution company. Through the experience gathered at his workplace, Owo-Odusi is confident that he understands the stress that people have over fuel in Lagos.

    Simple instructions for users

    According to the developer, a user only needs to download the application, then using the ‘Get FueledUp’ button, they can see the price per liter. Thereafter, a customer enters the number of liters they require, details of their car, and a delivery time frame.

    There are three options to choose from in terms of delivering: priority- which delivers in 30 minutes to an hour; expectant- which avails the package in 30 minutes to two hours and flexible- which offers a time frame of 3 hours.

    According to Owo-Odusi, delivering on time, in traffic-laden Lagos, is the major priority.

    Users will receive updates and receipts through messages once the fuel is delivered.

    Although the services are now only available in some parts of Lagos, the young man is optimistic to roll-out the venture to other areas outside of Lagos.

    The price for such a service will include the cost of fuel plus a small fee for delivery.

    Image credit: AFP