• If you are just venturing into the world of business this year, then you need these tips to help you develop a successful venture. If you have been in business and have not been practicing the following, it is high time you did to transform your world.

    1. Invest in Human Beings

    Investing in human resource is the most challenging yet rewarding part of business. Many business people will concur that getting the right person for the right job is challenging, but once one does, it is worthwhile.

    Great team makes a great company. Thus, investing in the right people for an enterprise should not be underestimated.

    So how do you get the right people?

    Don’t focus on just hardworking people. Find someone who is willing to grow with the business, stage by stage. These are people who will do simple but fundamental activities the right way for the benefit of the company.

    2. Get People who share same values and culture as the company’s

    Before embarking on hiring, identify the company values and culture. Company’s values like, kindness, hard work, teamwork, creativity should be reflected in the person(s) being hired.

    When a business has the right team with the right culture, it is set to grow faster as the employees will not only work to achieve the set group goals but also individual objectives, because they enjoy doing so.

    When hiring new employees, consider those that fit the firm’s culture and are passionate about it. After all, culture trumps strategy.

    3. When interviewing ask behavioral questions

    To get the right employee, an entrepreneur needs to ask the right questions. A resume can give great impression about a person, but there is much more to know about that individual, than what is portrayed in the documents.

    Conducting a behavioral interview can help predict how the candidate will perform at the company. The responses, body language and facial expressions are some other ways to best learn an individual’s character and behavior. Ask questions like:

    • What is your greatest achievement?

    • How do you handle stressful situations?

    • What makes or made you angry at work?

    4. Delegate work to a team to attain even greater achievement

    Many entrepreneurs do not know how to give work to their employees and they end up doing almost everything. This perfectionist nature can be their undoing.

    To do more, and achieve even much more, businesspersons need to learn to delegate work. Since the right team with the right culture is already set, this should not be that challenging to do.

    Give the right job to the right person and work closely with them to deliver something together. This not only helps a business executive do more but they also get to learn new things from the interactions.

    Give, the right instructions, trust, and believe in the team to deliver.

    Finding the right employees for an enterprise will take time, that is given. Building the team that will further grow the company will also take a little while. What an entrepreneur needs to do to get the best candidate is to make efforts to learn an individual notwithstanding the great resumes that they post.  Evaluate their capability to fit into the company culture and their eagerness to learn new tasks as well as teach other people what they know - it is a win-win situation.