• Four towns in Ethiopia are set to benefit from a loan by the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) aimed at implementing the Four Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Program.

    The loan, US $76.11 million, from the AfDB financing window to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia will be used towards improvement of the health and socio-economic development of the residents of Adama in Oromiya Regional State, Adwa in Tigray Regional State, Bichena in Amhara Regional State and Gode in Somali Regional State. Through the initiative, the four towns will have increased access to sustainable water supply and sanitation services as well as improved service delivery. The loan was approved last Wednesday, January 13, 2016. 

    Currently, the average water supply and sanitation access in the four targeted towns stands at 53% and 76% respectively. By 2020, the program plans to increase both to 100%, benefiting 635,000 residents of the towns and approximately 227,000 people in other nearby villages, towns and rural population indirectly. 

    How will the program work?

    According to AfDB, the program’s outcomes include increased household access to water supply; increased access to sanitation facilities; improved reliability and continuity of water supply services and improvement in revenue collection efficiency.

    To achieve the set outcomes, a variety of activities have been outlined. They include: increasing the water production capacities, improvement in distribution systems, provision of public latrines, improvement in collection and disposal of faecal sludge and capacity development of the regional water bureaus and utilities. With the availability of sustainable water supply, private sectors involvement will increase in towns.

    Moreover, better water supply and disposal of waste will translate to reduced water borne diseases and cause development in the towns.

    The project which will be implemented in 48 months is part of the Government’s Second Growth and Transformation Plan (2016-2020) in which the water sector has been accorded high importance. With the program, the East African country will not only increase access, but also quality of service and standards thus improving the quality of life of its people.



    Image Credit: The South African