• Creative people have used a range of items to transform the oddest spaces and things into aesthetic objects that add value to spaces at home and office.

    The creatives remind us that we can take advantage of these spaces and objects and let our personalities, preferences, and tastes visible and known for everyone to appreciate and learn from them.

    We have to agree that hiring a home deco to plan your space can cost an arm and a leg, and not everyone can afford the expensive venture and moreover, you don’t have to. 

    I came across some unique and insightful ways to turn the inside of your home/office and the compound fabulous through re-using old tires and transforming them into seats, tables, wall hangings, play items for your children among other awesome things.

    Transforming your compound

    Give your dull compound life and color. You will love how it will look, and your friends will be talking about you for a while before they steal the idea from you.

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    Seats and couches

    Who said you have to stick to wood and leather seats? You can go the tire way and leave your visitors’ mouths agape.

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    Wall hangings

    People are used to the old ways of decorating walls using paintings and photos. You can add awe into the way your walls look by incorporating tires to transform your dull walls.

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    Need a flower or vegetable gardens?

    Sometimes you may lack a large compound to plant your flowers and vegetables. But that should not deter you from being a lover of plants. You can transform the little space including corridors and verandas into small cute gardens.

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    How to store some garden tools and umbrellas

    By thinking outside the box, you can use an old tire to hold some of your garden tools, literally. I mean it. Check the photos below and see for yourself.

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    Pet are safe in tires

    You don’t have to worry about where your pet dog or cat will relax. Just use a tire and voila, you have a resting place for them.

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    Water pools for aesthetic or to water your animals

    If you have ducks and are wondering how to provide water for them, then here is how to. Just seal off one end of the tire, paint it as desired, fill in water and you have a pool.

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    Can I transform a tire into a litter bin?

    Yes, you can. Just seal off one end of at least three tires placed on top of each other, dip your waste bag inside the hollow passage and you have your trashcan.

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    What about my kids and siblings?

    They are catered for. Use tires to create play items for the little ones and you never have to worry that they wondered away from home in search of play tools. In fact, your compound will host neighborhood kids to exploit your creativity.

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    Image courtesy: https://web.facebook.com/Do.It.Yourself.Page/