• Have you ever met that one person who has inspired you beyond your imagination? If you haven't, you should meet Greg Secker. He is one of the world’s leading financial trader and you guessed right, he is a coach too.

    Greg was in Kenya for a free two-hour induction training on how to make money through Foreign Exchange (Forex) trading. He has been acquiring more knowledge on Forex trading, which he has converted into the “Knowledge to Action trading and training company” that has offered financial freedom to many people around the world.

    Making his presentation at the Oshwal Centre in Parklands, Nairobi, in November last year, the trading guru asserted that one has to have “Emotional Belief and Rich Expectations.” This, he said will propel the individual to accomplish anything they set their mind into and especially trading.

    He added that many people fail to succeed in Forex trading because they have “little knowledge” on the matter.

    “Expectation is the mother of all trading,” Greg said adding that knowing what is likely to happen at a certain point in time will help one to emotionally control and prepare themselves. He urged, more than three thousand participants in attendance, to learn something more about what they intend to invest or succeed in.

    According to Greg, there are three strategies that one can employ to succeed in the trading business.

    I have compiled these strategies shared by Greg that I feel can help you succeed not only in this trade but in many other ventures you would like to pursue this year.

    Find a Mentor

    “Make a commitment to surround yourself with successful proven money makers.” (Replace money makers with any other project you desire)

    Spending time with people that have some great characteristics that you desire, can help you learn and acquire such traits for your benefit.

    Just like you can acquire valuable traits from your constant contacts, you can also acquire toxic qualities from others. Choose wisely who to associate with to develop yourself.

    Know what you want and why

    This is setting up a goal. You cannot get to a destination that you have not started or rather, you don’t know the starting point. Draw up your goals and activities that will lead to their achievement.

    While at it, ensure you write these goals and activities down and place these objectives somewhere you can see them often. It is by so doing that you make a mental decision to continue pursuing your ideas to the end.

    “When you write something down it is the first physical manifestation of the dreams,” Greg advised.

    Use positive description on yourself

    Very often than not, many people use belittling language to describe themselves. While you might not realize the extent of the ‘bad’ language at first, in the long-run you will tend to behave and act in the way that portrays what you think you are.

    Greg urged participants to seek to identify themselves with positive words that will push them to better their lives.  

    “We cannot become what we are not already thinking.” Always ensure that you think positively and take actions to achieve your set targets. They may seem too hard to achieve at the beginning and you might even fail while you are trying. But keep in mind that “Whether you believe you can or whether you believe you can’t, you are right.”

    When “you start thinking about things you want, you start noticing things that will get you there.” Decide today to want great things and work towards that this year.