• Uganda’s only radiotherapy machine breaks down

    Uganda’s only radiotherapy machine used for treating cancer is broken beyond repair. Mulago Hospital, the country’s main is now looking for $1.8 million to buy a new machine as thousands of patients have been left in the cold. The machine in Uganda was donated in 1995 and had been successfully repaired in the past. This time efforts to fix it failed. The unit is said to receive 44,000 new referrals from Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi as well as South Sudan. Almost 75 percent of these people need radiotherapy. Radiotherapy treatment targets and kills cancerous cells in a specific part of the body using radiation.

    Congo Brazzaville Opposition leader, Jean-Marie Mokoko running scared

    Mokoko, an opposition leader in Congo-Brazaville’s home has been surrounded by security forces while he has been stripped of his security detail which he is entitled to as a former army general. Mokoko came third in the country’s elections last month but has refused to accept the results. President Sassou Nguesso won the elections with a huge 60% after amendments to the Constitution allowing him to run for a third term. All main opposition parties have said the elections were rigged.

    Kenya’s police chief orders arrest of 8 bankers

    The Kenyan police chief ordered the arrest of eight errant commercial bank directors. The Police-Inspector General announced in a statement issued on the Interior Ministry’s Twitter account that following the announcement by the governor of the Central Bank of unethical conduct by some bank directors and managers, they had ordered the banking chiefs’ arrests. 6 of the arrested are National Bank of Kenya executives. Kenyan Deputy President then joined the party issuing a warning in no minced words, “The central bank has clear instructions to streamline the operations of banks to eliminate those not playing by the rules.”

    South Sudan diplomat condemns Sudanese death sentences

    South Sudan’s ambassador to Kenya condemned the death sentences given to 22 South Sudanese saying they had not been involved in terrorist activities as said by the Sudanese authorities. Sudan alleged that they were part of a faction of the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), a rebel group in Western Sudan. In 2013, a peace deal pardoned the members of the outfit but the pardon did not cover the foreign South Sudanese. The court also sentenced three more to life imprisonment.

    University of Lagos closes

    Management of the University of Lagos ordered the closure of the institution on Thursday following students’ protests. The management responded to protests over the poor water and electricity supply compounded with growing inconveniences caused by the Nigerian fuel crisis. Students living off campus were facing growing difficulties in getting to school. Students blocked the main road into the university and also blocked access to the Senate building of the school. They had a show-down with police officers a few hours later and were then dispersed. The university will be re-opened when municipal services improve, the management circular read after ordering all students to vacate halls of residence.

    Alliance of French-speaking countries cuts ties with Burundi

    The International Organisation of French-Speaking Countries (OIF) suspended Burundi over its failure to fashion a way towards dialogue to end the tumultuous crisis. The OIF condemned the Burundi situation and its negative progress then saying it would put an end to all programmes in Burundi save for those that directly benefit citizens and the re-establishment of democracy. More than 400 people have died and a quarter of a million fled the country since the unrest started. President Pierre Nkurunziza’s decision to run for a third term was the main cause of the civil unrest.

    Headless baby born in Zimbabwe

    In a case akin to a horror film storyline, a headless child was born this week in Zimbabwe’s Masvingo General Hospital. The Zimbabwean state broadcaster reported on the strange birth saying one Dr Julius Chirengwa had confirmed the incident indicating the baby was born along with a twin. The twin had an abnormally big head while the other had no head. The doctor said there were many possible explanations but they had not been able to find one for the current case.

    “There was the birth of twins at Masvingo Hospital, unfortunately one of the babies was severely deformed. These are abnormalities which can occur once in a while. They are rare cases but they do occur. Like in this case the baby was born without a head,” Dr Chirengwa said. 

    Image Credit: Telegraph