• How is creativity connected to global economic development? A new study by the Martin Prosperity Institute, titled the Global Creativity Index 2015 (GCI), presents a new model of economic development. It calls this the “3Ts” – talent, technology and tolerance – and ranks 139 nations on each of these pillars, as well as their overall measure. The three dimensions are described as follows:

    1. Technology –  Advances in technology enable economies to generate new industries and spur new growth. The GCI measure of technology includes research and development investment, and patents per capita.

    2. Talent – Human capital stands alongside technology as a primary driver of economic growth. The GCI measure of talent includes share of adults with higher education and workforce in the creative class.

    3. Tolerance – Places that are open to different kinds of people gain an edge in both attracting talent from across the spectrum and mobilizing new ideas. The GCI measure of tolerance includes treatment of immigrants, racial and ethnic minorities, gays and lesbians.

    The study says that in the knowledge economy, where consumption and production are based on intellectual capital, the 3Ts and overall creativity are linked closely to economic and social development.

    So which country comes top of the overall ranking, and is the most creative economic performer in Africa?

    Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 10.31.59 PM.png

    As this index shows, South Africa takes the top spot, followed by Mauritius and Botswana.

    Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 10.03.15 PM.png

    The Global Creativity Index map. Source: Martin Prosperity Institute

    3T Rankings:

    Technology: South Africa leads in technology. Mozambique is second, Algeria third, Morocco fourth, and Rwanda is fifth. Kenya, Zambia, Egypt, Cote D'ivoire , and Ethiopia round out the top ten.

    Talent: South Africa leads in talent. Egypt is second. Tunisia is third, Botswana fourth and Mauritius is fifth. Algeria, Ethiopia, Morocco, Benin and Cameroon round out the top ten.

    Tolerance: Ethiopia takes the top spot in tolerance which is measured as openness to ethnic and religious minorities and gay and lesbian people. Burkina Faso is second, Mozambique third, Kenya fourth, and South Africa fifth. Cameroon, Senegal, Mali, Central African Republic and Mauritius round out the top ten.

    Read the full study here.