• A popular saying goes: When you go to Rome do as the Romans do. But not with African immigrants who have travelled abroad in search of better life, at least according to a forthcoming sitcom dubbed ‘African Booty Scratcher’(ABS).

    In the recent past, the comical, pilot video has been making rounds on social media. The hilarious, 3-minute video brings forth how a typical African (Nigerian) family made up of a father, mother and son interact in their new American environment.

    Having an African immigrant parent abroad is not easy as portrayed by the interaction between the parents and their son who is not only supposed to master the American way of life but also maintain his roots and culture, which leaves the young boy confused.

    The producers of the sitcom say that ABS tells the story of an African -Nigerian family immigrants who struggle to balance their newly found ‘better life’ for their son and also wanting him to keep the African traditional values and cultural identity.

    What about the title you ask?

    Well, the producers named it ‘African Booty Scratcher’ which is an expression that has been used in the African-American vernacular since the 70s. The phrase is mostly used as a derogatory label directed at African immigrants.

    “Nearly every immigrant from the continent can relate to being called that name, and we are excited to take something negative and use it in a positive way,” they stated.

    The sitcom is a creation by Damilare Sonoiki and his notable team and according to them, the video seeks to do more than just comedy. ABS is aimed at helping viewers see beyond traditional stereotypes as well as show how relatable the African immigrant story is.

    Released about a week ago, the video has had over a million views on YouTube and over two million views on Facebook. It has also generated some positive feedback on both platforms.

    The pilot video which has already been termed as the “Naija (Nigerian) version of ‘Everybody hates Chris’, has already attracted a lot of viewers, and the producers should take this as a positive reception and move forward to a full production.

    Currently, the producers have reached out for investors through crowdfunding on Kickstarter with an aim of getting enough funds to produce additional content for the sitcom and raise awareness to get the show on a major network.

    Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts.