• The African Print Fabric has become a popular trend in the fashion world. A few years ago, this trend was only valuable in Africa but is now spreading across the world. The colorful textured look of the fabric has become a designer favorite with big fashion icons and celebrities adding it to their prestigious collections. The fabric is now manufactured in countries such as China and the Netherlands. The largest manufacturer is Vlisco, a Dutch company. Vlisco supplies fabrics that are considered of high value. The company has made its mark as the most successful global manufacturer and supplier of the fabric with a turnover of over $300 million in 2013. Other manufacturers in China have a revenue of over $50 million!

    In Africa the fabric has sentimental value. The patterns on the fabric often encapsulate poems, proverbs, landmarks and motifs—all of which are culturally significant. As a result, many manufacturers and suppliers realize that the fabrics cultural significance translates into high market demand. Below are a few examples of celebrities who have adopted this fashion trend with enthusiasm.

    Beyonce in a piece designed by Demestiks New York  an independent designer in America.

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    Americas First Lady, Michelle Obama clad in African print.

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    L.A.M.B a collection by Gwen Stefani  in USA caused a stir when it was show cased in her spring 2011 ready to wear collection.  Many started seeing the fashionable significance of the trend.

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    Lena Hoschek, an Austrian based fashion designer at the Mercedes Fashion week in Berlin Germany.


    Source: African Prints in Fashion

    T Afrique at the East Africa Fashion Show

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    Christi Brown, a label by Ghanaian designer who is based in USA. She does not only specialize in African Print Clothing but also in accessories. One of her famous neckpieces was worn by Grammy award winning singer, Alicia Keys.
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