• When Kanana Mukira decided to start her business, she was motivated by her love for healthy foods.

    Kanana specializes in the production of natural yogurt by using unprocessed milk and pure vanilla plant or strawberries, which contain natural sugars.

    Before venturing into yogurt business, Kanana previously worked with an NGO as a social worker. While she enjoyed working with the community members, she still felt business was her calling. After debating with the matter for three years, she quit her job. Having been in business (poultry farming) before, it was easier for Kanana when she decided to become an entrepreneur again. This time, though she went into yogurt making.

    According to Kanana, her concerns over the ingredients used to make many types of yogurt in the market propelled her into the business. Being an advocate for natural foods, Kanana wanted her product to remain as natural as possible. Thus, she kept away from sugars and other flavors that might ‘contaminate’ the product.

    It has been a year since she ventured into entrepreneurship. The business, which started with selling three liters of yogurt a week, has since grown to over forty liters, and Kanana says the demand is still growing.

    Taking baby steps towards success

    It is not just her business that has been experiencing growth. Kanana admits that she has also grown as a business person. Initially, she would juggle all the chores by herself. With time, however, she has realized the importance of delegating some duties. Today, for example, Kanana requests the milk vendor to deliver milk at her doorstep, instead of having to pick it from the depot.

    When it comes to handling challenges, the young business lady does not shy away from them. During the cold season, she had to quickly change her strategy on realizing that the yogurt was selling less than usual. She quickly minimized the production volume and increased her marketing campaign.

    It is during such campaigns and interactions with people that she recognized residents around her shop would be interested in buying milk as well. In future, she plans to bring a milk dispenser. Her goal is to specialize in whole milk supply as opposed to skimmed milk that many stores sell.

    Additionally, the entrepreneur wants to expand into selling natural products. By so doing, she hopes to encourage more people to adopt healthy lifestyles. With her business strategically located within an estate, she hopes to be the source of all natural products for homes in the locality.

    Through her one-stop shop where she plans to sell fresh, natural, products straight from the farm to her client’s kitchen, Kanana’s goal is to contribute to the fight against non-communicable diseases such as obesity, and diabetes among others.

    Advice to upcoming entrepreneurs

    Although Kanana acknowledges that capital can be a challenge to upcoming entrepreneurs, she quips that “a business idea, is capital in itself.” According to her an entrepreneur should be ready to share their ideas with the ‘right’ people who can help them to set up. These people can be family members or investors. She, however, advises businesses to acquire a patent for their product(s) whenever necessary to avoid being duped.

    Commenting on wealth, Kanana thinks that “it is the ultimate goal for every entrepreneur.” On the other hand, “passion is the driving force, and love for the business makes it even easier and more enjoyable,” she adds.

    A business owner should identify what drives them to stay put. This, according to the young entrepreneur, whose education background include law, business administration, and office management will guide one to nurture an idea into a successful venture.

    She cautions entrepreneurs against expecting profits in haste. Business is a risk whose stability comes from several months of investment. Only passionate and patient entrepreneurs stay long enough to reap fruits from their hard work.

    In conclusion, Kanana notes that location is crucial for some businesses. A good business location should be accessible to clients. She advises business owners to maintain friendships that matter.

    Image credit: https://www.healthydietadvisor.com/