• Former British Prime Minister, once described Nigeria as “fantastically corrupt.” This picture painted by David Cameron is however getting a face-lift as Nigeria's security agency under the Buhari government says it has seized $800,000 in cash following raids targeting senior judges suspected of corruption. Report says after observing the lavish lifestyle of the said judges and complains from the public, the raid was eminent. Although names of culprits have been withheld, one can only say kudos to the Buhari government for sailing the boat to the right direction.

    Since his rise to power in May 2015, Buharis’s quest to breakdown corruption was seen as a herculean task as in the past. Successive military and civilian governments had siphoned money from the vast revenues of the oil industry and built untouchable wealth and cartels. This however did not deter the “man of steel” as dozens of public officials and their allies have been arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) following corruption charges. The most famous was the former National Security adviser, Sambo Dasuki, who was charged with dishing out $2 billion worth of fake contracts for helicopters, airplanes and ammunition.

    In its mission to redeem Nigeria from corruption, the Buhari government through Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun, struck thousands of ghost workers off the public payroll, and also ensuring that for governors to receive bailout funds; government agencies must endeavor to make their budgets public; an act which has given Nigeria more control over its finances.

    Although castigated by his antagonists who have ruled Nigeria for over 16 years for witch hunting, Buhari’s government has still made many high-profile arrests and launched many investigations into former officials and politicians in the administration of his predecessor, and suspected shady dealings in the oil sector. In the opinion of some of his sympathizers, this was the reason he was ousted by a coup in the 80’s but Buhari, according his close associates, has a reputation for being scrupulously honest, admired and feared for his tenacity and determined to fulfill his promises. “From a personal integrity point of view, nobody will question his personal commitment to dealing with corruption,” said Manji Cheto, a West African risk analyst. These only displays the challenge and determination Buhari has in making Nigeria corrupt free.

    In the words of educationist and entrepreneur coach Jones Yhondoh, “Buhari’s fight against corruption swells beyond political achievements, his actions give hope to young Nigerians and Africans.” Yhondoh also said it is a great act for humanity and an example for African leaders to emulate.

    At the time when Nigerians were expecting an apology from former British PM for his utterance Buhari agreed that Nigeria was corrupt and his goal was to eradicate the corruption in Nigeria and teach the African continent the meaning of transparency. With his pedigree and support from Nigerians and the international community, we can only hope for the best as the “man of steel” battles the odds to make Nigeria free from corruption.