• Dramatic. Sensational. Suspense-filled—these capture the performances at just concluded 2016 Olympics and Paralympics Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    Although the United States of America was placed atop on the medal table, followed by Great Britain and China, African countries such as Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia were also exceptional in Olympics, while Nigeria performed excellently in Paralympics.

    The Heroes: Kenya (Olympics)

    For Kenya, things can always get better with the right attitude and commitment. Following an excellent outing at the 2012 London Olympics that saw them clinch 28th spot in the world with 12 medals and first in Africa, the country whipped up yet a new record at this year's edition with another breathtaking performance.

    This year, Kenya scooped a total of 13 medals- six gold, six silvers and one bronze—to emerge the best in Africa and 15th overall in the world.

    Isn't that fantastic?

    The country's 15th-placed finish on the Rio medal table was 13 places up from its performance at the 2012 London Olympics when it finished 28th with 12 medals.

    From 28th in 2012 to 15th in 2016 can Kenya climb to the top 5 in Tokyo 2020?

    Kenya did not perform exceptionally in the medal table; they did very well in the “Placing Table.”

    In the 2016 Olympics “Placing Table”, Kenya ranked second overall with 131 points, with the US topping the standings with 310 points.

    The Placing Table is different from the Medals Table. The former captures other positions after bronze, that is, positions four to eight, while the latter calculates the total number of gold, silver or bronze. What a way to demonstrate the can-do spirit of Africans!

    South Africa

    From Kenya, we are drilling down to South Africa. South Africa also put up a stellar performance as the country racked up an incredible 10-medal haul—two gold, six silver and one bronze—to clinch 30th overall best in the world and second in Africa. They also produced a new athlete dubbed the “Next Usain Bolt.” His name is Wayde Van Nierkerk and he won 400m race, breaking Michael Johnson's 400m record


    The country's representatives also proved they are a team to beat as they bagged eight medals—one gold, five silver and two bronze to place third in Africa and 44th in the world.

    The Heroes (Paralympics)

    Ever heard the saying:"there is ability in disability?" That was exactly what African representatives showed at the Rio 2016 Paralympics Games which came to a close on Sunday 18th, September at the Maracanã Stadium in Rio, Brazil.


    On top of our chart in this category is Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country.

    They saved the blushes of Olympics’ team Nigeria by putting up a wonderful performance, showing them exactly how it is done.

    What Team Olympics can’t do Team Paralympics has done it better.

    Team Nigeria bagged 12 medals: eight gold medals, two silver and two bronze medals each, to clinch Africa’s top spot and 17th on the world gold medal chart. What an amazing performance!

    Aside from Nigeria at the top of the log in Africa, other African countries that performed exceptionally are Tunisia and South Africa both won seven gold and six silver and bronze medals each, as they both finished with a total of 19 and 17 medals respectively and placed 21st and 22nd finish respectively.

    Other African countries that completed the medal table for Africa include Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Namibia, and Cote d’Ivoire.

    In all, 43 African countries participated in the 15th edition of the Paralympics’ Games, which had 2,347 medals up for grabs in the games.