• Top notch hotels are not just sited in London, New York City or Berlin, neither are five stars hotels in Dubia alone. We also have them here in Africa. From South Africa to Morocco, you’d see posh hotels that are up to international standard.

    Are you in search of any of these hotels with world class services? Don't worry. We've got you covered. Welcome to Africa's treasure trove. Off we go as we take a look at Africa's most beautiful hotels.

    1. Sun City Resort (Johannesburg, South Africa)

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    Most beautiful hotel in Africa, Sun City Resort in Johannesburg. Image: suninternational.com

    Located between Pilanesberg (third largest game park in South Africa) and Elands River, Sun City Resort is cynosure of all eyes. It flaunts many architectural masterpieces that would set you aglow. Also, the Mosaics, hand painted ceilings and a fresco of the structures makes it a charming edifice. It's a must visit for you.

    2. Mövenpick Resort & Marine Spa Sousse (Tunisia)

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    Mövenpick Resort & Marine Spa Sousse in Tunisia. Image: Trip Adviser 

    This upscale five star beachfront hotel offers a private beach, rooftop terrace and much more. It’s one of the towers you can find around here. You need to catch a glimpse of this ivory.

    3. Fairmont Nile City Hotel (Egypt)

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    Fairmont Nile City Luxury Hotel, Cairo, Egypt. Image: Hotels Republic

    The third is the Fairmount Nile City Hotel, which has 531 rooms. Located alongside the Nile River in Cairo, this luxury hotel is 105 meters high and features Art Deco and contemporary design features within its overall interior decoration style. Remember the childhood song: "some rivers in Africa...Nile Niger Benue..."? Then you must visit the so much sang about River near this hotel.

    4. Palais Namaskar (Morocco)

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    Palais Namaskar (Morocco). Image: lhw.com

    This hotel is a truism of luxury at its peak. If you stay here, you feel as if you are staying in a palace; it oozes sophistication, tranquillity and luxury. You will experience personal freedom and exceptional service. Little wonder it won the Harper’s Bazaar’s “Hotel of the Year” award in 2013.

    5. Peermont D’Oreale Grande at Emperors Palace (South Africa)

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    Peermont D’Oreale Grande at Emperors Palace (South Africa). Image: Booking.com

    Sprawled alongside Johannesburg’s O.R. International Airport, the Peermont D’Oreale Grande at Emperors Palace is a place to be. This award winning hotel is set amongst the fountains, palm trees and statues. Here, you can feel nature at its best.

    6. Hotel Riu Touareg (Cape Verde)

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    Hotel Riu Touareg, a five star located in Boa Vista, Cape Verde. Image: Thomson UK

    Hotel Riu Touareg is a five star located in Boa Vista, Cape Verde. It has a vast outdoor area and offers you many facilities like Jacuzzi, swimming pools, gymnasium, Hammam and spa.

    7. The Table Bay Hotel (South Africa)

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    The Table Bay Hotel.  Image: Kiwi Collection

    Located in Cape Town, South Africa, the Table Bay Hotel is connected to the Victoria Wharf Shopping Center. This blue-roofed contemporary Victorian hotel has many loyal guests.

    8. The Cascades Hotel (South Africa)

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    The Cascades Hotel. Image: Trip Adviser

    The Cascades Hotel is located in the middle of lush tropical forests in South Africa. Many streams flow through the gardens that surround this beautiful hotel. The hotel’s unique terraced shape not only adds to its beauty but also provides all rooms with a view of either the gardens or the pool.

    9. Corinthia Hotel Khartoum (Sudan)

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    The majestic Corinthia Hotel Khartoum in Sudan. Image: Corinthia

    This five-star hotel is located in central Khartoum on the meeting point of the White Nile and the Blue Nile. This attractive structure has an oval curved façade like the Burj Al Arab. It resembles a ship’s sail.

    Graceland Hotel Casino and Country Club (South Africa)

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    Graceland Hotel Casino and Country Club in South Africa. Image: playmoregolf

    The beautiful Graceland Hotel Casino and Country Club offers four star facilities. The Gary Player-designed 18-hole inland links golf course is located at the center of the hotel. Onsite Movie Theater and Buffalo Bills Show bar keep the guests entertained. If there are experiences that shouldn't escape you in life, they are nothing better than a visit to these hotels. 

    Ten Most Beautiful Hotels in Africa

    1Sun City Resort
    South Africa
    2Mövenpick Resort & Marine Spa Sousse
    3Fairmont Nile City Hotel
    4Palais Namaskar
    5Peermont D’Oreale Grande at Emperors Palace 
    South Africa
    6Hotel Riu Touareg
    Cape Verde
    7The Table Bay Hotel
    South Africa
    8The Cascades Hotel
    South Africa
    9Corinthia Hotel Khartoum
    10Graceland Hotel Casino and Country Club
    South Africa