• The Pentecostal Church movement has brought with it much hope in situations which are almost hopeless and ignited an unprecedented zeal for Christian living in Africa. As it stands, Africa is the future of the Christian religion! As if that is not enough, Pentecostal churches have brought enough chuckles to last us all a lifetime because of their names. Not many people are as creative in cooking up new names for their churches like African Christian leaders. Some will tell you they got the names from visions and close encounters with God but regardless of origins, the following names are sure to either shock you or crack your ribs.

    Laboratory Church of God

    Whatever spiritual chemical they make here must be a cause for much trepidation in the devil’s kingdom! This is probably one of the most imposing church names in the whole world.

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    Jesus Elections Ministries

    Who is being elected at this church? Someone might have to visit to know.

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    Run For Your Life Ministries

    We cannot say any more!

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    Mountain of Swallowing Problems Interdenomination Prayer Ministry

    When people take their problems to this church, they are not simply solved, they are swallowed. And did we say it is a mountain? Yes, it is a spiritual mountain which swallows all your problems. Certain governments must consider visiting this ministry.

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    Devil’s Hunter Ministries

    It has become a common tagline for most churches to say “The Devil is in trouble” but at this church, that tagline seems to be the literal truth. The Ministry’s whole purpose is to hunt for the Devil and God knows what will be left of him after this church is done.

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    Helicopter Ministries

    Yes, you read that right. It is Helicopter and it is a ministry in Kenya. There were allegations that members were being told they could do a search of their names in the Book of Life for a fee. The founder had a direct line to God and he would make a few calls and get back to congregants with confirmation.

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    Guided Missiles Church

    This means war! The world might want to take lessons; this church means business.

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    There so many other names doing the rounds on social media ranging from David killed Goliath Ministries to Jehovah Sharp Sharp. It is now difficult to tell which are the real ones and which ones are the subjects of the imagination of the internet community. Whatever the case may be, soon and very soon, most of those names will be taken as more churches are created.

    Image Credits: Buzz Nigeria