• Frustrations are good because they push you towards being a better person. The pressures created by challenges become the fuel that propels you to find your true purpose in life.

    Irene Mureithi founded the Royal & Rich Personal Development Institute (PDI) which mainly focuses on helping people struggling and going through different challenges in life to clarify their lives’ purpose.

    PDI mainly offers 7 training courses. These courses include spiritual growth and development, leadership, career and business, financial literacy, health and fitness, fun and recreation and relationships. They believe every human being is royal and rich and they help people mine the gold that is trapped in them. One of its flagship programs is the Transformed and Renewed Minds initiative.

    Apart from these seven courses, they also have a 14-week program which helps one develop a strategic life plan. This program has a money-back guarantee if you don’t discover your purpose in the course of training. The program touches on finances, relationships, career, business, health, spirituality and leadership. Basically, it enables you to achieve balance and fulfillment in life.

    They also have a program that involves personality profiling and aims to define personality type using questionnaires that measure the level of dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance (DISC). This program enables individuals get an in-depth understanding of their personality. It appreciates the fact that each of us is an individual who should stand out rather than blend with the masses.

    Life boot camp is a two-month pre-college program targeting high school leavers. Its aim is to instill in the youth the importance of purpose in life to help them map their career path and develop their potential early. This program enables the youth to choose a course of study that is in line with their true purpose

    “I founded PDI after the success of a pilot project, Born to Win Club, started in 2005. This was an informal motivational club where together with my friends [we] would meet to inspire youth to think big,” Irene said. “It is out of this experience, I realized that there are many people in need of personal development training and motivation,” she added.

    Irene notes that there are people who make hundreds of thousands of shillings every month, live in enviable neighborhoods and drive the latest car models, and yet they are mortally dissatisfied with life. Life for them is meaningless in spite of all these things.

    Society has made most of us to believe that having a lot of money and material things does not necessarily make one happy. It rather states that true happiness comes from knowing ones purpose in life and working towards fulfilling that purpose.

    Her advice to the youth is that you do not need much to be happy, it’s in the little things that most people tend to overlook, never underestimate the person that’s next to you.“We are the ones that create our own disability, when you look at your situation more than the potential you can create within that situation; you will never progress in life,” Irene said.

    She added that actions speak louder than words, and it always works into influencing others. The little positive things you do that you think makes no difference are the ones that people notice.

    “Africa has talent, diversity and is promising. Dream big and never be discouraged, if you don’t know how you’re going to get there, just break down your goals into manageable and attainable objectives and start with the first one,” she explained.

    Irene insisted on always taking time to monitor and evaluating progress, on the things you have done correctly and work on your weaknesses. Society is full of a lot of pressure so make sure you focus on your goal and block out all unnecessary voices.

    Image Credit: Personal Development Institute - PDI