• In trying to be comfortable, humanity has unwittingly made life harder for nature. Where plush forests used to be, there are roads and pavements which are not exactly inviting for plants. However, here are 10 plants which refused to submit to the laws of science and lived where life seemed impossible to sustain. Bored Panda compiled the list of these die-hard plants from various sources, some of which remain anonymous. This is not photoshop, there are no gimmicks here, just pure remarkable life finding a way to conquer adversity. Humanity and its various inventions are the adversity in this case!

    1. The Lone Ranger in the lifeless black expanse

    Image Credit: Imgur

    2. Even heights are not a problem

    Image Credits: Imgur

    3. Who knew this could be a home for a life-form of the plant variety?

    Image Credit: Laurent Barkowski

    4. Anything can be a flower-pot….or flower bullet

    Image Credit: Markus Gebauer

    5. A mushroom can mushroom anywhere…even on asphalt

    Image Credit: Richard Calmes

    6. Far from the madding crowd!

    Image Credit: Andy Brii

    7. Brightening up an otherwise boring pavement

    Image Credit: Ari C

    8. Unbelievable resolve…and a bit of luck, maybe?

    Image Credits:Ireena Nieuwenhuis-Worthy

    9. Barricades are not barriers where nature intends to live.

    Image Credits: Dean Forbes

    10. No one is eating this one! Neatly caged away from humans

    Image Credit: Imgur

    These 10 plants could teach humans one or two things about surviving in a hostile environment. Some of the best flowers bloom from cracks and not well watered fertile gardens.