• ANC members in Tshwane (Pretoria) are protesting the choice of mayoral candidate for Tshwane. CICA South Africa reported that they set the Stanza Bopape clinic in Mamelodi on fire, barricaded roads, burnt businesses and torched buses. Buses were stripped for copper and scrap metal. The South African Broadcasting Corporation’s stringent policies of censorship have made certain that visuals are not shown on National television.

    Aerial view of Pretoria

    There is no CGI here, thick smoke rises from Pretoria, a sign of great discontent expressed in the worst manner there is.

    Haulage Truck burning

    Massive losses for transport and logistics business moguls. Caught in the crossfire and set o fire!

    Nike Clearance Store…cleared out by looters.

    Looters made a mess of shops targeting those owned by foreigners in Pretoria.

    A little reward for a day’s work?

    Looters carry a freezer from a shop.

    These used to be buses once…

    Burnt and stripped buses after protestors got to them. Protestors are said to have burnt down more than 20 buses at a bus depot on the 20th of June, 2016.


    Smoke rises from the city as more property is gutted in the fires of ANC anger.

    Salvaging scrap metal from a burning lorry

    Even the police had their share of the fire in Pretoria.

    The ANC has said its members are not the culprits in these destructive exploits but other reports prove the contrary. The endorsement of a Zulu mayoral candidate by the ANC seems to have set the city of Pretoria on fire as Tshwane is predominantly home to Pedis, Tswanas and other ethnicities. More details are expected to emerge out of South Africa but as it stands, this seems to be a movement driven by tribalism.

    Images Credit: CICA South Africa