• The road to success never looks glamorous. It is mostly characterized by several challenges to overcome, pains to endure and dreams that seem impossible. For Mr. Ouma, enthusiasm, positive attitude, hard work and determination have been his anchors in overcoming several challenges to realize his dreams.

    Coming from a humble background in Nyando County, 55 year old Peter Ouma Nudi could not dream of a better life for his family. The challenges of taking care of his aging mother and, providing for the needs of his family were overwhelming enough to darken his future.

    He was however determined to work hard and do his best in whatever job he had and not allow his circumstances to steal his smile. Mr.Ouma started out at the National Youth Service, moved to Kahawa Garrison and then to the Jua Kali sector, where he lingered long enough to see his dreams of a better life for his family diminish.

    It was only when he was employed by one of the biggest private universities in Kenya that he began to see rays of hope for a better life.

    “The Jua Kali sector had made me start losing hope; I worked tirelessly and the salary was from hand to mouth. I could hardly save but when I got the driver position with a stable salary, it felt like God had finally heard my cries.” he said

    After resuming his duties as a driver, Mr. Ouma learnt that, as a staff member of the University, his children would be exempted from paying tuition fees if they joined the University as undergraduate students. This discovery lit a light on the bleak future of his children’s education and his lifelong prayer had been answered.

    “I could now picture each of my children in a graduation gown, one which I did not get to wear; my deep seated desire all along had been to educate my children beyond my own secondary level of education,” he says.

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    Mr Ouma with his children

    He narrates that all his three children joined the university at diploma levels. The fee burden made him rely heavily on SACCO and bank loans to make ends meet. Such tough times shaped Mr. Ouma’s ability to plan, manage and organize his resources effectively so as to keep his head above the raging economic waters that seemed so overwhelming to him.

    Mr. Ouma takes pride in nothing else but the fact that his children are in a university pursuing degree courses. He can hardly hide his joy when he talks about his second born son who is now a fourth year student and is soon graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications Degree.

    His two other children are currently in first year at university and will graduate with Bachelor’s degrees in Business in Information Technology and Community Development respectively. Mr. Ouma looks forward to see his last born daughter who is currently in form one follow the footsteps of his older siblings and join the University.

    Just like other fathers out there, he has had his fare share of challenges when it comes to providing the basic needs for his family. However, his perspective of such challenges has been a positive one. He says “problems are never permanent, some last longer than others but they are not here to stay. So there is no need to carry your problems on your face because everyone has their share, so smile knowing that you are not alone.”

    As a father and husband, he is grateful that by God’s grace he is fulfilling his duties and his family is well kept. His face beams up in a smile when he talks about his wife, “She is beautiful and always looks young. She has always stood by me through it all and that is why I pride in her a lot.”