Use ingredients in room-temperatureHave you ever tried baking with a rock-hard cold butter? How about cold milk or eggs? It can be very difficult to achieve your desired consistency, as well as, to evenly mix the ingredients. Even when you use an electric mixer, mixing them can still be very difficult. The flavor might not blend well resulting in subpar baked products.One thing to always remember: When it comes to baking, you need to eliminate any room for error. To be exact and achieve your desired recipe, be sure to weigh your ingredients before adding them into your batter. A good digital scale comes in handy and eliminates all the guesswork. Well, make sure to calibrate the tare weight!Get rid of expired stuffIt’s nice to see your cupboard filled with baking supplies. But are you sure all of your supplies are still good?A lot of us are unable to clean our cupboard. Some ingredients are left in there for years, past their expiration period. The problem is when the time comes for you to bake; bad ingredients might find their way into your recipe. Toss away expired and near-expiry baking supplies. Majority of baking supplies, such as yeast, flour, baking powder, and baking soda, have short shelf life. If you are not baking regularly, it is best to purchase in small quantities. Don’t let your ingredients sit in your cupboard for a long time to avoid any safety risks.Follow recommended oven temperature When you look at baking recipes, it indicates the desired oven heat and cooking time. Don’t mess with it.Baking requires tremendous amount of patience. You need to follow the instruction, thoroughly and completely. You might think that it’s alright to just mix up all ingredients together anyway that’s where they’re all headed to. Unfortunately, this is an easy way to waste your baking ingredients. Why you toss ingredients into the mixer in a particular order comes for a reason. For example, creaming butter and sugar together is done before adding eggs because the butter holds air and expands when whipped. Adding eggs prematurely can make the creaming process difficult. The same is true in creaming process, adding sharp sugar granules create air pockets that result in a heavy and dense consistency.