What would occur if Peter Obi Win the Nigerian Presidential Election

Who is Peter Obi?

What would occur if Peter Obi Win the Nigerian Presidential Election

Peter Obi

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Peter Gregory Obi is a politician and businessman from Nigeria who served as the previous governor of the state of Anambra. Additionally, the People's Democratic Party's vice-presidential contender for the 2019 Nigerian general election (PDP).After fighting in court for three years to assert that Dr Chris Ngige, the candidate for the People's Democratic Party, had been improperly handed his mandate, he first gained notoriety in 2006 when he was elected governor of the state of Anambra. He belonged to the Grand Alliance of All Progressives. Peter obi ran for office again and was successful in doing so.How come Peter Obi left the PDP?Peter Obi has revealed that his resignation from the opposition party and withdrawal from its presidential primary at the end of May were caused by recent events within the People's Democratic Party.Peter Obi was one of the 15 PDP presidential candidates who passed the presidential screening conducted last month by Senate President David Mark. Peter Obi went on to clarify, however, in a message addressed to Iyorchia Ayu, the PDP National Chairman, that the most recent events will prevent him from making useful contributions. According to Obi, I am writing to inform you of my resignation from the People's Democratic Party, which was communicated to the chairman of Agulu ward 2. Anaocha LGA Anambra, effective Friday, May 20, 2022. “After a careful study of the country, I noticed that we're too divided and I promise to lead a united and secure Nigeria to be able to attract foreign investment.”“The Nigeria I will lead will create jobs, boost our economy, and improve education. If I have the opportunity, I will turn around the country for the better,” he said.He proceeds, I will move Nigeria from a consuming nation to a producing nation. As a Nigerian, I want all parts of the country to be secured. I'm not aspiring for a political position, but to serve the country.“Let me assure you that I will seriously contest for the presidency of Nigeria on the platform of the PDP,”  he said. This speech was said before he left the PDP.Given the phoney promises politicians made when vying for office, I am aware that we may not be persuaded by Peter Obi's statement at this point. But as soon as they obtained the job, they forgot all the promises they had made to get there. Do you believe Peter Obi falls within the same category, though? Whatever your response, we can support this with his prior governorship's accomplishments.Peter Obi, who stood for governor of Anambra State on the All Progressive Grand Alliances platform from 2006 to 2011, presided over the state throughout that time. The old administration was overthrown by the PDP in October 2014, seven months after ceding power to Willie Obiano.Here are a few of his accomplishments while serving as AnambraMore than 100 secondary schools have benefited from the state's secondary schools receiving computer sets.Massive improvement in the state Internally Generated Resume (IGR).

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