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African Women are Lured and Trafficked to the Middle East for Cheap Labour

Human trafficking is a serious problem in Africa, …

May 25th
Rwanda’s Model Green Village Scheme that Africa Should Emulate

The model villages are carefully planned to be “gr…

May 25th
5 Important Things Happening in South Africa Today

The government may at this moment assume full or p…

May 25th
Human-Wildlife Conflict on the Rise in Africa

In several African countries, there are six animal…

May 25th
UN Envoy Confirms Slavery in Mauritania

According to emerging reports confirmed by a Unite…

May 25th
Ugandan Government to Extract DNA for National ID Cards Renewals

The cards are also digitized, giving the governmen…

May 25th
4 Crypto Apps Creating Opportunities for Building Black Wealth

Here are some Apps that help blacks build wealth e…

May 25th
Crypto Casinos—the Future of Gambling?

Crypto casinos have to be transparent, because of …

May 24th
Zimbabwe: Policy Inconsistencies Worsen Economic Crisis

Government critics are calling for the present for…

May 24th