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Military Court Drops Case Against South African Muslim Hijabi Major

The Legal Resource Centre plans to tackle the Sout…

Jan 24th
Ethiopian Journalist Seeks Asylum in the UK Citing Threats From Government Officials

Worku is the latest departure in an exodus from EB…

Jan 24th
Malawi Dreadlock Ruling: Shacking off Western Beauty Ideals

Being beautiful or civilised should not be about h…

Jan 24th
Africa has a Rising Counterfeit Medicine Problem

Deaths from counterfeit drugs have been on the inc…

Jan 24th
US Introduces New Laws to Stop Birth Tourism

Henceforth, pregnant women travelling to the U.S. …

Jan 24th
Most Popular Online Casino Games

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Jan 24th
What Is The Best VPN For Amazon Fire TV Stick?

In this article, I have listed the best VPN for fi…

Jan 24th
Burundi: Legislature Approves Bumper Retirement Package for President Pierre Nkurunziza

Critics have accused the government of insensitivi…

Jan 23rd
Africa Betrayed Libya and Muammar Gaddafi – Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni

The Ugandan leader says the African Union should h…

Jan 23rd
President Kenyatta Secures $1.6 Billion Investment Deals at UK-Africa Summit

The United Kingdom offered the investment deal at …

Jan 23rd