Sponsored Content Opportunity

The African Exponent has optimized its website to have advertising capabilities that make it unique among other newspapers, especially for African based newspapers.

Business and organizations can now sponsor articles and newsletters.

Benefits to Sponsors

  • Reach Africans across the continent and the diaspora
  • Your sponsored content will be distributed on our weekly newspaper.
  • Place a sponsored item within our service that lets users engage directly with your brand.
  • Sponsored content will be shared with on our social media platform, reaching over 100K followers

About The African Exponent

  • The African Exponent has over 300 000 page views
  • Reader Demographics
    • 18 - 44 years
    • 60 - 40 male/female ratio
  • Average page size is 2MB compared to the average news page of 5MB making it cheaper and easier to visit multiple pages.
  • Offline capabilities that enable content reaching users even when they are offline

Check guidelines on sponsored content here.

If you are interested in sponsoring content on The African Exponent contact us at: [email protected].